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US-4929061-A: Color liquid crystal display device patent, US-4962411-A: Semiconductor device with current detecting function patent, US-4977739-A: Method and apparatus for making composite yarn patent, US-4999673-A: Process control by creating and sensing half-tone test patches patent, US-5080075-A: Acceleration enrichment related correction factor learning apparatus for internal combustion engine patent, US-5123971-A: Cold reduced non-aging deep drawing steel and method for producing patent, US-5144093-A: Process for purifying and end-capping polyols made using double metal cyanide catalysts patent, US-5210963-A: Molded plastic toe cap patent, US-5271936-A: Heat treatment for decreasing the allergenicity of psyllium seed husk products patent, US-5378677-A: Thiochromenone derivatives as antidotes, and herbicides containing them patent, US-5423537-A: Miniaturized games for simulating the playing of soccer patent, US-5462445-A: Switching connector patent, US-5507979-A: Method of manufacturing a segmented multifocal ophthalmic lens patent, US-5726172-A: Tocolytic oxytocin receptor antagonists patent, US-5752449-A: Working table patent, US-5867769-A: Transmission power control apparatus in earth station for satellite communication patent, US-5956786-A: Playpen patent, US-5992918-A: Bi-fold gull wing vehicle door patent, US-6032657-A: Multi spark ignition system patent, US-6042237-A: Image projection module and image projection device provided with such a module patent, US-6045318-A: Lead frame supplying method and apparatus patent, US-6052210-A: System and method for increasing the robustness of an optical ring network patent, US-6120957-A: Toner and liquid developer patent, US-6180044-B1: Method of making a resin airbag patent, US-6221906-B1: Platinum complex conjugated to cyclotriphosphazene, its preparation, and anticancer agent comprising the same patent, US-6237178-B1: Toothbrush comprising a brush member having bristles of different lengths, and brush member having bristles of different lengths for a tooth brush patent, US-6254321-B1: Arrangement relating to high-speed tools patent, US-6271503-B1: Dimensional compensating vacuum fixture patent, US-6274271-B1: Non-aqueous electrolyte lithium secondary battery patent, US-6320375-B1: Method for detection of rare earth metal oxide inclusions in titanium and other non-magnetic or metal alloy castings patent, US-6370194-B2: Motion vector estimation circuit and method patent, US-6563328-B1: Capacitive probe for measuring the level of an electricity-conducting liquid in a vessel patent, US-6608310-B2: Modular high spatial resolution scintigraphic device with multiple independent photomultipliers and with extensible visualisation area patent, US-6727890-B2: Modular keyboard patent, US-4231256-A: Thermoelectric gas dryer patent, US-4240409-A: Apparatus for assisting circulation of blood patent, US-4713540-A: Method and apparatus for sensing a measurand patent, US-5023397-A: Entry box patent, US-5173218-A: Preparation of chemiluminescent vinyl halide or vinylidene halide polymer structures patent, US-5314157-A: Elongatable support patent, US-5317967-A: Method and apparatus for applying printing to an at least partially conical article patent, US-5345017-A: Process for reducing the fluorine content of halocarbons patent, US-5464960-A: Laser calibration device patent, US-5466309-A: Metal strip treatment installation patent, US-5477729-A: Acoustic emission transducer patent, US-5613459-A: Towable floating storage accessory for use with watercraft patent, US-5662720-A: Composite polycrystalline diamond compact patent, US-5757001-A: Detection of counterfeit currency patent, US-5813759-A: Method and apparatus for vortex mixing using centrifugal force patent, US-5871851-A: Magnetic shielding material for television cathode-ray tube and process for producing the same patent, US-5964887-A: Method of electing an active station in a data-processing system made reliable by replication patent, US-6018265-A: Internal CMOS reference generator and voltage regulator patent, US-6075493-A: Tapered slot antenna patent, US-6116819-A: Auger piling patent, US-6181348-B1: Method for selective volume visualization via texture mapping patent, US-6198260-B1: Zero voltage switching active reset power converters patent, US-6250098-B1: Support frame for an ice-storing tank for an air conditioner with an ice-storing mode patent, US-6473595-B1: RF active balun circuit for improving small-signal linearity patent, US-6502863-B1: Fender structure patent, US-6534394-B1: Process to create robust contacts and interconnects patent, US-6564769-B2: Method and system for operating a direct injection spark internal combustion engine having variable compression ratio modes patent, US-6696739-B2: High efficient pn junction solar cell patent, US-6718629-B1: Method and apparatus for mounting components onto a substrate of an electrical assembly patent, US-6744242-B1: Four-state switched decoupling capacitor system for active power stabilizer patent, US-3942831-A: Removable and disposable waste collector patent, US-4010843-A: Device for transferring a load from one conveyor to a second conveyor patent, US-4375341-A: Drilling alignment tool patent, US-4451002-A: Temperature actuated valve and phase separation method patent, US-4563988-A: Apparatus for determining the filling quantity of lubricating oils in drive installations patent, US-4675821-A: Method and apparatus for detecting knocking patent, US-4774814-A: Ice making machine patent, US-4846369-A: Carton pourer attachment patent, US-4853758-A: Laser-blown links patent, US-4896115-A: Electrical network insulation monitoring and measuring device patent, US-4955359-A: Furnace with counterflow heat exchange means patent, US-4961381-A: Primer centering device for large diameter blastholes patent, US-5019772-A: Test selection techniques patent, US-5221855-A: Monolithic vertical-type semiconductor power device with a protection against parasitic currents patent, US-5235959-A: Arrangement and method for regenerating rotating precision grinding tools patent, US-5404585-A: Power detector that employs a feedback circuit to enable class B operation of a detector transistor patent, US-5464352-A: Electrical connector assembly patent, US-5481324-A: Camera patent, US-5644220-A: Process and apparatus for measuring charge quantity flowing in a vacuum patent, US-5667049-A: Pulled-type membrane spring clutch with wear adjustment mechanism patent, US-5746694-A: Endoscope biopsy channel liner and associated method patent, US-5780362-A: CoSi2 salicide method patent, US-5872979-A: Method and system for removing software involving shared files patent, US-5915584-A: Device for attaching a disposable bag to a container patent, US-5923857-A: Method and apparatus for ordering writeback data transfers on a bus patent, US-6030885-A: Hexagonal semiconductor die, semiconductor substrates, and methods of forming a semiconductor die patent, US-6032522-A: Apparatus and method for inspecting inflation of and supported weight on vehicle tires patent, US-6124413-A: Process for preparing elastomeric EP(D)M copolymers patent, US-6195974-B1: Process and device for the automatic introduction of a fiber sliver patent, US-6199016-B1: Resonance acoustical profiling system and methods of using same patent, US-6296219-B1: Suspension rail for a folder or binder of a flexible sheet material patent, US-6302026-B1: Explosion-suppressing structure patent, US-6380114-B1: Insulating refractory material patent, US-6397754-B1: Method and apparatus for charging boreholes with explosives patent, US-6472979-B2: Tire inflation assistance monitoring system patent, US-6499585-B2: Method of loading bulk particulate materials into containers patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent,

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